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Dealership Addon

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The premier management web application for Concrete5 based Auto dealership websites.

Manage your inventory, set up exports to Autotrader.com, and manage sales leads through your website.

Manage both new and used car inventory via the slick dashboard management interface.

** Provided example theme simulating a Mazda dealership.  All images not intended for comercial uses and are property of Mazda.com. All logos & photos related to Mazda rightfully belong to Mazda.com and are intended for demonstration purposes only. 



  • add and manage new and used cars
  • print out spec sheets
  • generate and manage sales leads
  • assign new leads to sales reps
  • featured car listings
  • sales statistics overview
  • import and export capabilities
  • instant setup from blank site with sample content**
  • car make/model attibute
  • sale status attribute with sold statistics
  • car list block
  • featured listings block
  • AJAX search views


Coming Soon