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Now the shortest distance between two points is the Location Finder!

The old adage "You have to know where you've come from to know where you're going" rings true and not just in the proverbial sense with this add-on from joehive.

We've designed this add-on to combine the best of geo-location by IP Address with the flexibility of adding your own starting point and search radius. This intuitive add-on
reduces the number of steps it takes for your site visitors to find the location closest to them and get there.


In the spirit of reducing unnecessary verbage, we have created a bullet point list of all the features you can expect from this add-on:

  • manage multiple locations with detailed information that is displayed in both graphical representation on a map and in a list format
  • set your default search radius in kilometers or miles
  • create custom attributes specific to your market or industry that can get fed to the list view
  • "View Details" feature takes site visitors to a custom page where additional information can be displayed
  • each location creates a unique page allowing you to customize content on the location details page to specific information that only applies to that particular location
  • "Get Directions" feature utilizes Google Maps API to pull up a map where a site visitor can then add their starting point and get directions to the location they have chosen
  • Thumbnail Images for each location can either be custom or draw the location from Google Maps.
  • Categories allow you to create filters to help site visitors refine their search paramenters

This addon requires the PHP Curl Module if you are using the Geo IP.  Installation is quite simple.

The Locations are added through the dashboard, and you can add in additional attributes by assigning them to the Locations Additional Attributes Set in The Attributes area of Concrete5.

We have created a page type for the locations detail pages that allow you to customize the layout, and enter in any of the new Attributes you would like.  To add a new attribute, you may do so by following these examples:

<?=$address->city?> <?=$address->state_province?>, <?=$address->postal_code?>

<? if ($location->getAttribute('location_phone')){ ?>
<h5><?=t('Contact Information')?></h5>
<? } ?>

We have created multiple templates that allow you to choose the look of the Locations List block.  They include:

  • Map Radius Search
  • Map Search
  • Map Search Vertical